Robin Esrock holding a polar bear skull

A unique travel guide called The Great Canadian Bucket List has resulted in plenty of promotion for Manitoba attractions, thanks to a sponsorship agreement with Travel Manitoba.

Last fall, Travel Manitoba stepped up as a sponsor of the 17-city publicity tour to launch the book. The $5,000 contribution provided exposure for Manitoba on the tour, as well as on the Bucket List website. So far, these online banner ads have been viewed by nearly 50,000 unique visitors and generated more than 220 click-throughs to the Travel Manitoba website.
Even more impressive is the exposure Manitoba attractions have garnered through the book and media tour itself.

Author Robin Esrock was able to attract plenty of national media attention during his 17-city blitz, and he was always quick to point out that one of the best "do-before-you-die" experiences is right here in Manitoba. He considers polar bear watching in Churchill as one of the top three Bucket List experiences in the country, as well as one of his best media hooks. In total, Robin features 14 Manitoba attractions in The Great Canadian Bucket List.

Robin's enthusiasm for Manitoba is no accident. Travel Manitoba's Media Relations team forged a relationship with the travel writer and TV host years ago, and then continued to support his trips to Manitoba as he researched unique experiences for his book.

Through his websiteblog and YouTube channel, Robin is now building a community of adventurers interested in once-in-a-lifetime activities.

His website is a travel portal that can connect visitors to more information or tour purchases. Of those who have registered on the site, about one in 10 have expressed an interested in travelling to Manitoba, and most of them have opted in to receive more information. Travel Manitoba now has the opportunity to target promotions to these people using the demographic information they have provided.

Exposure will continue to build as more copies are sold and new content is added to the website. The first run of 15,000 copies has sold out and a second printing is now underway.

Robin's book has been covered by CBC, CTV, CityTV, Global TV, the Globe & Mail, Readers Digest, National Geographic Traveler, National Post, Zoomer, ShawTV, METRO, Corus, Canadian Living and Canadian Geographic. You can view the media interviews at Great Canadian Bucket List