Whether it's an elaborate studio space or the end of a kitchen table, Interlake artists always find a place to get creative. And we're happy they do. We're even more happy that they throw open the doors to their workspaces twice a year and invite us all in.

The WAVE Self Guided Artists' Studio Tour happens June 11 and 12 as well as September 3 and 4 this year. The self-drive tour begins south of the Interlake community of Winnipeg Beach and stretch north of the town of Gimli.

WAVE artists run the full gamut of creativity. You'll find amazing sculptors, painters, stained glass artist, photographers, woodcarvers and more.

Linda Dorian is a retired nurse who's turned her love and natural ability for photography into a business. Her artistic name is Raven and she specializes in photographic art of birds. Her shots of pelicans and herons are the result of a most patient photographer. Raven has been participating in the WAVE tour for the past three years from her lakeside studio in Sandy Hook.

Ponemah Beach Central Art Centre
Betty Jackson has been a member of the WAVE for years and operates the Ponemah Beach Central Art Centre. In 2009, she spearheaded the Artful Bras fundraising campaign for the Northeast Interlake Palliative Care unit in Gimli. Last year, it was Artful Hats, and this year, Jackson says the fundraiser will solicit creative types to submit their Artful Accessories into the competition. You'll see some of the best artful bras and hats from past years, and a few new accessories created for this year's show.

Blue Door Studio
Marlene Van Helden is one of the artists who displays her work at the Blue Door Studio in Camp Morton. Her work includes stained glass art and paintings. As this is the most northerly stop on the tour, Van Helden is kind enough to extend that little extra bit of hospitality by welcoming visitors to linger awhile, and even eat their lunch on her gorgeous lakeside grounds.

Steel Wheel Studios
As big as Paul Bunyan and a lover of all things rustic, pottery maker Kirk Creed and artist partner, Veronica Green make their home on Ukrainian Park Road west of Highway 8. Determined not to lose their slice of paradise following a fire that destroyed their home a few years ago, the couple moved an old house onto the property and continues to express their love of natural beauty through their artistic creations.