CSE collection
The Canadian Signature Experiences (CSE) collection is a Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) program that showcases once-in-a-lifetime, authentic travel experiences that exemplify Canada's tourism brand.  CSE members are given the opportunity to reach key international markets through the CTC's global marketing campaigns, travel trade, travel media and sales programs. 

There are currently 183 members in the program and Manitoba has nine tourism experiences in the CSE collection. Recently, changes have been made to the application process that will affect how the program will be administered moving forward:

- The CSE program will be co-managed by the CTC and the PMOs. Travel Manitoba will manage new membership applications and the renewal process for current members, as well as serve as the first point of contact for industry interested in applying for the program.

- The CSE program will have a greater emphasis on trade development and export-market readiness, but will continue to be used by the CTC to influence travel media.

- There will be no set application intake deadlines; businesses who meet the eligibility criteria can apply at any time. 

To apply for the CSE program, you will be asked to complete the CSE Program Eligibility Criteria and Pre-qualifying Quiz. If you answer "yes" to all the questions on the pre-qualifying quiz, Travel Manitoba will provide you with an application form. If your application is reviewed favourably, Travel Manitoba will recommend your application to the CTC for approval. Travel Manitoba and the CTC will conduct a final review and make a decision. 

See the complete application guidelines, plus additional information on eligibility criteria and CSE program objectives and benefits. If you are interested in applying for the CSE program, please contact Dené Sinclair, Manager Global Travel Trade Relations at 204-927-7862.