40 years and still flying high!

In 2014, the Western Canada Aviation Museum is celebrating its 40th year of showcasing aviation history in the North. This Manitoba Signature Museum, one of only 6 museums to be given this special designation across the province, brings to life the adventure and thrill of bush planes and early commercial flight.

Several one-of-a-kind aircraft – retrieved across Canada from mountainsides to the bottom of lakes –have been restored and curated to showcase the story of Canada’s rich and unique aviation heritage.

Spend a day at the museum and discover for yourself the harrowing experiences of Canada’s pioneers of flight, recollect the days when flying was an experience worthy of dressing up in your Sunday best and watch the little ones become pilots for the day in Skyways, the interactive children’s gallery.

Explore some of the most extraordinary aircraft to ever fly Canadian skies with “In the Sky: Canadian Aviation Innovators”, a guided tour offered throughout the month of April.