Arctic Summer in Manitoba

What better time to get out and explore Northern Manitoba? The days are longer, and the wildlife is easier to find. It's the time of year to hike with polar bears on the tundra, spot belugas in the Churchill River and explore the historic landmarks and culture of the North. Start planning your trip of a lifetime!


Fox hiding in old fallen tree

The Subarctic in Summer
Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Imagine hiking the coast of western Hudson Bay, an ancient and rugged landscape where boreal forest meets arctic tundra. Daily activities will lead you through a variety of habitats with opportunities to observe and learn about wildflowers, birds, beluga whales, arctic hare, fox, and potentially view polar bears too! As a participant in Wild Planet, you will be guided by an expert instructor that first came to Churchill nearly thirty years ago as a Field Botanist, and went on to study birds in the region then caribou herds throughout the Canadian Arctic. The program includes accommodations and meals at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre along with local transportation and opportunities to travel by zodiac for a remote hike to Prince of Wales National Historic site and view beluga whales by kayak as well as other guided visits around Churchill.

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Polar bear in the fireweed near Churchill, Manitoba

The Subarctic in Summer
Churchill Wild

Summertime in the Arctic is pure magic! With Churchill Wild’s Birds, Bears and Belugas safari, you can combine the thrill of walking with polar bears and the exhilaration of snorkelling with beluga whales for an Arctic experience like no other.

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