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Churchill, Manitoba

Northern Lights Packages

Churchill, Manitoba is one of the most optimal locations to admire the stunning Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights decorate the sky, acting as an amazing natural backdrop which illuminates the countless tours and activities available in Manitoba's favourite winter city. Tour companies and hotels have procedures in place to make your trip to see the Northern Lights in Churchill as comfortable and invigorating as possible. If you want front row seats to see some of the world's most captivating natural artwork, now is the time to make your wish come true.

Northern Lights Packages

Nanuk Operations

Night Under Lights

Experience the award-winning northern lights Aurora tour. Packages starting at $2,995.95.

Frontiers North Adventures

Multiple Packages Available

Choose between Northern Lights and Winter Nights, Photo Adventure: Northern Lights in Churchill, and Subarctic Discovery: Churchill Northern Lights. Packages start at $5,739.00.

Discover Churchill

Photography Trip & Weekend Getaway

Choose between the 7 Day Northern Lights Photography Trip and the 4 Day Northern Lights Weekend Getaway. Packages starting at $3,995.95.

Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Winter Skies: Aurora and Astronomy in Churchill

Marvel at the aurora from the comfort of the CNSC’s heated viewing dome by night and explore the Churchill area by day. Packages starting at $2,669.00.

Great White Bear

Northern Lights & Arctic Exploration

Witness the mystical northern lights from four varied vantage points under a dark nights sky, and explore the Arctic wilderness by day on a hot of outdoor activities. Packages starting at $6,295.00.

A visit to Manitoba means travelling through Treaty 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Territory and through communities who are signatories to Treaties 6 and 10. It encompasses the original lands of the Anishinaabeg, Anish-Ininiwak, Dakota, Dene, Ininwak and Nehethowuk and the homeland of the Métis.

Be Safe In Churchill

To ensure the safety of visitors and residents in Churchill, operators comply with all health regulations and have put a number of procedures in place.

Please note:

  • It is required that all guests and staff be fully immunized with a Health Canada-approved COVID-19 vaccination for at least two weeks prior to their scheduled departure.
  • All guests must carry physical proof of Health Canada-approved COVID-19 vaccination on their person for the duration of their tour, as they may be required to present it on check-in at various stages of their trip. Acceptable proof of vaccination includes physical, printed or electronic vaccination records and/or cards. It is highly recommended that guests carry a physical copy of their COVID-19 vaccination record. If the guest cannot provide proof, they may be denied participation and/or boarding.
  • All travellers returning to the United States are required to produce a negative COVID -19 pre departure test result. This specimen must be collected during the three days preceding their flight’s departure. Manitoba companies providing testing and travel documentation include BioScision Diagnostics, Canadian Travel Clinics, and Star Drug Testing.
  • Wear Your Mask: Where sufficient physical distancing may not be possible, it will be mandatory for guests to wear a mask for certain portions of the trip, including but not limited to at airports and train stations, in-transit and on excursions. It is the guest’s responsibility to provide their own mask for the duration of the trip.
  • Operators have implemented enhanced cleaning of vehicles and accommodations, and provide access to hand sanitizer and handwashing stations Please refer to each individual business for a complete list of their COVID-19 policies.
Manitoba COVID-19 Updates, Stay safe, travel safe.