Be surrounded by wildlife and history as you travel the Nelson River and its tributaries with Nelson River Adventures!

The Nelson River is the final stretch of inland waterway that connects the Gulf of Mexico, via the Mississippi River and Lake Winnipeg, with Hudson Bay. Initially used by First Nations people as vital transportation and trading routes, this river also serves a tangible reminder of the fur trade and its far-reaching impact on both First Nation and Canada as a whole. Presently the Nelson River, due to its huge volume and long drop, is most highly valued for generating hydroelectricity.

These river tours offer you firsthand glimpses of our Manitoba history with a breathtaking backdrop of wildlife, tundra horizons and boreal forest canopies. 

"To say this area is wild is an understatement. There was literally nobody else around. I likened it to being in a National Geographic documentary" ~ Robyn Hanson. Read more about Robyn's favourite Manitoba experience.

June to September
Nelson River Adventures, Gillam

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