North America's premier Arctic Exhibit, Journey to Churchill, is set to open July 3! Embark on an incredible journey, one that will take you into the heart of Manitoba’s polar bear country. The exhibit features snowy owls, Arctic fox, muskoxen, caribou, seals and polar bears.

Through interpretive signage, interactive displays, and audio-visual components, you will learn about the impact of climate change and the importance of biodiversity, conservation and research and what you can do to help.

Gateway to the Arctic

Gateway to the Arctic

The Gateway to the Arctic venue is a unique and inviting destination where warm spaces welcome you as you come face-to-face with polar bears. Inside the Gateway to the Arctic, you will find:

  • The Sea Ice Passage, where you will be thrilled by polar bears and seals swimming overhead and darting amongst the ice.
  • The domed Aurora Borealis Theatre, where you can stand in a vast expanse of Arctic landscape while viewing an eight-minute feature film presentation narrated by an Elder conversing with her granddaughter.
  • Interactive exhibits show the rich cultures of the First Nations and Inuit people who call the far north home.
Beluga Skeleton in the Gateway to the Arctic

Beluga skeleton in the Gateway to the Arctic

A major installation will soon take place in the Marine Ecosystem Experience within the Gateway to the Arctic building inside Journey to Churchill. A life size replica of a male beluga whale skeleton will be suspended adjacent to the ramp exiting the Aurora Borealis Theatre. From tip to tail, the skeleton is 4.2 metres (13 ft., 9 inches) long and weighs 45 kilograms (99 lbs, 3 oz).

Sea Ice Passage

Sea Ice Passage

Even though the pools are currently empty, standing in the newly installed tunnel in Sea Ice Passage, you can imagine what it will feel like to watch polar bears and seals as they swim above and around you.

Meet da bears

Meet da bears!

This famous 4, Hudson, Storm, Aurora, Kaska, are becoming familiar names in the minds and hearts of visitors to the Zoo.  

The Zoo will be closed from June 23 to July 3 to give the animals the proper amount of time to acclimatize to their new environments and to ensure the entire Zoo is looking its absolute best.

Exhibit opens July 3, 2014
Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg

For more information, visit Assiniboine Park Zoo.