Book now and save $200 on the North of 58°: Winter Ecology and Northern Culture learning vacation at the CNSC!

Enjoy an amazing environment where grey jays lay their eggs at 40 degrees below zero and wood frogs freeze solid, only to thaw again with the coming of spring. Dig beneath the snow for signs of a secret world where lemmings scurry along vast tunnel systems and shrews weighing less than a dime forage for insects.

You will build two traditional snow dwellings (igloo and quinzhee) with guidance from skilled locals. You can even sleep in them if you like!

A traditional dog sled ride through the forest, snow sampling with a CNSC researcher, and a snowmobile ride onto the sea ice of Hudson Bay round out this truly unique experience.  At the end of the day, a hot meal, a warm bed and the glow of the northern lights await.

March 13 to 18, 2014
Churchill Northern Studies Centre, Churchill

For more information and to book your spots, visit the CNSC