Get out your magnifying glasses and spot the differences for a chance to win a swag bag from the Children's Museum!

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who participated. We hope you enjoyed playing.

There are 5 differences between these two photos from the museum's feast for the senses Lasagna Lookout gallery:

Spot the differences:Lasagna Lookout at Children's Museum

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Spot the differences prize: Children's Museum gift bag

The swag bag

The Children's Museum has put together a super fun bag of stuff that includes:

  • One family pass 
  • Magic 8 Ball
  • Puzzle pen
  • Note pad

Previous winners

Lasagna Lookout

Friday's challenge took you to the museum's feast for the senses Lasagna Lookout.

Winner: Nadzeya Rahavaya

Spot the difference winner: Nadzeya Rahavaya
Spot the differences: Lasagna Lookout gallery at Children's Museum

Engine House

Thursday's challenge took you to the "full-steam ahead" Engine House.

Winner: Jeff Morrissette

Spot the difference winner: Jeff Morrissette
Spot the differences: Engine House gallery at Children's Museum

Splash Lab

Wednesday's challenge took you to the wet and wild (and apparantly very challenging) Splash Lab.

Winner: Paula Ritchie

Spot the difference winner: Paula Ritchie
Spot the differences: Splash Lab gallery at Children's Museum

Pop m'Art

Tuesday's challenge took you to the colourfully creative Pop m'Art.

Winner: Steven Hennessey

Spot the difference winner: Steven Hennessey
Spot the differences: Pop m'Art gallery at Children's Museum

The Milk Machine

Monday's challenge took you to the udderly mooo-velous Milk Machine.

Winner: Monica Ching

Spot the difference winner: Monica Ching
Spot the differences: Milk Machine at Children's Museum