In February, a group of adventurous bloggers hit the snow-covered road and made their way to Hecla for a winter staycation of ice fishing and relaxation at the Lakeview Hecla Resort.

The temperatures might have been extreme, but that didn't keep these fun-loving Manitobans from having a fabulous time in the historic community of Hecla Island. They came, they fished (sort-of), they "Bombadiered," they raved, they wrote.  This is Hecla through their eyes... 

Little Gray Bird

Manitoba powerhouse

Every once in a while you have the most perfect plan and it all goes crazy. You can pour over every little detail, arrange every single moment, and yet it is all thrown out the window in one quick second due to something completely out of your control. Sometimes those crazy mishaps and curve balls actually end up making the best experiences and stories... read more

Snow angels and snuggling

I first discovered Lakeview Hecla Resort in August 2013. I loved my summer experience at Lakeview Hecla Resort and I knew I wanted to return. I was absolutely thrilled when I was invited to attend a Travel Manitoba media trip with some bloggers and writers to discover Lakeview Hecla Resort in the winter. The entire experience from start to finish was relaxing, refreshing and I left feeling energized. It was just what my soul needed for a winter pick-me-up... read more

Old Helgi's keeper

I don’t think I’ve ever met a more authentic fisherman. Ivan is the real deal, and serves as a great example of the type of people that are woven together to help form the backbone of the commercial fishing industry in Manitoba. From the thick white beard reminiscent of Santa, to the slight accent and colloquial expressions, Ivan’s personality and life experiences shine the minute you meet him... read more

Note the Time

Fall in Love with Winter: Hecla Ice Fishing

It has taken me 40-plus years to love winter on the prairies. After kvetching about the cold for decades, I decided to try something different: I decided to embrace the cold. All it took was a really warm winter coat, long underwear, serious snow pants and no mirrors anywhere in my home. (Looking cute is a near impossibility in winter.) All that unflattering gear came in handy during a late-February trip to Hecla Grindstone Provincial Park and Lakeview Hecla Resort... read more

Fall in Love with Winter: Hecla ice fishing, part II

Ice fishing in Hecla is a tough gig. One moment you’re angling to get angling and the next minute a blizzard blows in, the fuel line on the auger freezes and the ice-fishing tent blows across the ice. That’s life. Sometimes the weather just won’t cooperate. Despite our attempts at ice-fishing in Manitoba in February, it just wasn’t meant to be. We had fun regardless... read more

Mommy Moment

A family trip to Hecla Island in Winter

Recently my family stayed at the Lakeview Hecla resort. My husband Trevor spent many summers at Hecla Provincial Park during the summer months. He tells me many stories of him taking in rounds of golf with his dad and exploring the picturesque village of Hecla Island. Although he has visited the island numerous times, it was quite a different experience for him, and our family, to visit Hecla Provincial Park in the dead of winter... read more

Lakeview Hecla Resort, an affordable family destination

On our way home from our family vacation I had the radio on. I heard that it is the 2nd coldest winter in Manitoba history. One would think that with our brutally cold winter a family vacation would involve a plane and a warm sunny destination. Although cold, we had a sunny destination, we did not let the cold weather get us down... read more

Photo credit: Little Gray Bird.