A Fantastic Forest Forage from Savour Winnipeg Go on a guided Fantastic Forest Forage that unearths the edible bounty available in your own back yard, and teaches you the basics of wild food gathering. On this unique excursion, you will learn more about local food, the producers, and artists who are currently defining Prairie Cuisine. Perfect for locavores and foodies! You will also receive a take-home handbook summarizing everything covered, including some favourite recipes.

“I liked the potential for being able to add to my culinary knowledge and using wild ingredients in my cooking and menus.” – Chef Brent Prockert, All Seasons Catering

May 25 to Sep 7, 2013 Assiniboine Forest and FortWhyte Alive For more information, visit Savour Winnipeg.

Photo by Ben at Savour Winnipeg.