Enjoy an evening out at the Prairie Theatre Exchange's new play The Dishwashers – a comedy by Morris Panych that will make you laugh as you watch, and walk out a little changed in your outlook. The Dishwashers at PTEEmmett was once a high-rolling patron of a high-end eatery.  But thanks to a recent reversal in his fortunes, he’s starting a new job -- as a dishwasher in that same restaurant. His mentor is Dressler, the philosophizing ruler of all he surveys from his carefully-marked out area at the break table.  His only other co-worker, Moss, appears to be the oldest living dishwasher in the world, who doesn’t realize he’d been fired weeks ago.  A hilarious journey “below-stairs” into the unseen, steamy world of the up-scale restaurant “dish-pit.” The show runs from January 24 to February 10. For more information and to find tickets, visit Prairie Theatre Exchange.

“We can’t all be rich and successful. If everybody was at the top of the heap, there wouldn’t be a heap.”