Spend an afternoon or evening enjoying some of Manitoba’s diverse arts offerings. Here's our list of great exhibits you don’t want to miss this month.

Aerial Landmarks

Mar 19 to Apr 27, 2013 Portage & District Arts Centre Aerial Landmarks – multi-media artwork by Lauren Bell, is an exhibition that approaches rural landscapes in an unconventional way. Through aerial abstraction, grid exploration and a combination between low views and extreme high views, the exhibition is set up to challenge the viewer while inviting them in visually. Aerial Landmarks by Lauren Bell at Portage Arts Centre

Thaw -- An exhibition in celebration of spring

Mar 22 to Apr 21, 2013 Winnipeg Art Gallery Have you ever been on the Interlake's Wave Studio Tour? The Gallery Shop is giving you a preview with Thaw, an exhibition and sale of works by 30 artists from the Wave tour. It's your chance to decide whose studio you want to visit this year. Thaw -- An exhibition in celebration of spring

Places in Between - City Works by Carolyn Mount

Mar 22 to May 4, 2013 Martha Street Studio Carolyn Mount's work focuses on urban landscape, in particular the places that exist in between residential and industrial spaces, in between being torn down and developed, in between being used and discarded; places that are found in between the public and the private realm. This exhibition will feature a series of large-scale reductive relief prints that examine these psychological hinterlands. Places in Between - City Works by Carolyn Mount at Martha Street Studio

Through the Eyes of a Child

Mar 23 to Apr 14, 2013 Winnipeg Art Gallery Each fall and winter hundreds of children and teens enjoy the challenge and delight of creating art through the WAG Studio programs. And each spring the Gallery mounts an exhibition of their work—several hundred talented young artists are represented in either solo or group works in a wide range of media. Ranging in ages from 5 to 17, the young artists come from all across the city and reflect a wide array of cultural backgrounds and traditions. Through the Eyes of a Child at the Winnipeg Art Gallery


Mar 28 to May 25, 2013 Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba Relations is a growing project by Jason Baerg that responds to the relationships we have with the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and ourselves. Using abstraction, repetition, pattern and flux in response to the history of portrait painting, this first iteration of the series focuses on our human connections. Through digital video projections and prints, Baerg has been expanding a library of portraits with the aim to have 360 unique sitters from the First Nations community. Relations by Jason Baerg at AGSM


Apr 5 to 27, 2013 Gurevich Fine Art In Fight, Tom Lovatt takes action-shots of Boxers apart, examines them, and puts them back together. It is in this interrogation of the male that Lovatt observes Boxing and MMA fighting is highly stylized and ritualized in its presentation. Confronting the viewer with images of sport and perceived “masculinity” Fight provokes discomforting revelations about what we are accepting about masculinity and reality as viewers of popular media. Tom Lovatt: Fight at Gurevich Fine Art


Apr 5 to May 11, 2013 Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Abo-Retro by Kevin McKenzie examines the commodification of a culture. From the 1940's to the 1960's popular culture embraced Native America, this body of work extracts examples from this time period, and presents this material as a metaphor for our current political state of unrest. Abo-Retro by Kevin McKenzie at Urban Shaman

(Da bao)(Takeout)

Apr 6 to Jun 2, 2013 Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art (Da bao)(Takeout) is an exhibition attempting to locate a cross-cultural and social dynamic between China and the West, speci?cally Canada. It focuses on artists who investigate, adapt and instill ideas from abroad into their practices, while appreciating the palpable slippages that occur in the transference of ideas from one ethnicity to another. (Da bao)(Takeout) at Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art

The Provocative, Evocative Paintings of Carol Burns

Apr 7 to May 1, 2013 Wayne Arthur Gallery The Provocative, Evocative Paintings of Carol Burns embodies humour and sarcastic wit with a touch of the surreal. A constant theme throughout the work is the dominant woman. The Provocative, Evocative, Paintings of Carol Burns at Wayne Arthur Gallery