Spend an afternoon or evening enjoying some of Manitoba’s diverse arts offerings. Here's our list of great exhibits you don’t want to miss this month.

100 Masters: Only in Canada

May 10 to Aug 18, 2013 Winnipeg Art Gallery Works by some of the world’s greatest artists will be gathered under one roof for the Winnipeg Art Gallery's 100 Masters: Only in Canada! This blockbuster exhibition of "One hundred masterpieces to commemorate the WAG’s one hundred years" includes paintings by Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, and Warhol from thirty museums across Canada and the U.S. 100 Masters: Only in Canada

Tactile Desires

Jun 7 to Jul 28, 2013 Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba Tactile Desires is from one of Canada’s most significant ceramists, Jack Sures—a multi-faceted figure whose exuberant and sensuous work traverses the categories of craft, fine art and public monument. In addition to offering a comprehensive look at his work, this retrospective will address his important role and influence as an educator and mentor. Tactile Desires

Leo Mol Garden

Open daily from 9:00 a.m. to sunset Assiniboine Park Combining artistic beauty with a natural setting, the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden offers a quiet retreat to view and enjoy the magnificent works of master sculptor, Dr. Leo Mol. The garden was created as a result of Dr. Mol’s generous gift of many of his wonderful bronze pieces and works of art to the community in which he lived. Leo Mol Garden at Assiniboine Park

Paradigm by Jeff Kahm

July 5 to August 2, 2013 Urban Shaman Gallery Jeff Kahm's work is a fusion of Indigenous motifs (stripes and geometric shapes) combined with the language of modernist practices. The construction of his painting, including scale and application of color and texture, is intended to contribute to the overall immediacy and presence of the work. In terms of metaphor, the hard edge structure serves as a sign for technology and its impact on global cultures and society.  Paradigm at Urban Shaman Gallery

Forsaken Manitoba: Abandoned Life on the Prairies

May 24 to Sep 30, 2013 Mennonite Heritage Village, Steinbach Forsaken Manitoba showcases Federico Buchbinder's works taken in Manitoba towns such as Carberry, Anola, Ste. Elizabeth, and Piney. Reflecting in his work, Buchbinder says, “I think of my photos as visual documentation of a face of the province that is rarely seen, a face that is disappearing as abandoned rural buildings get older and collapse. It’s my way of preserving this bit of Manitoba’s history for posterity. I can’t think of a better venue than the Mennonite Heritage Village to show these photos.” Forsaken Manitoba: Abandoned Life on the Prairies

Cultural Impressions Contemporary Art from Winnipeg to Nunavut

May 21 to Sep 2, 2013 Pavilion Gallery Museum & Conservatory Foyer Gallery, Assiniboine Park In anticipation of the Journey to Churchill Zoo exhibit opening in 2014, this exhibition works in partnership with other galleries and museums in Manitoba to explore contemporary art & Inuit sculpture. The cultures of the Inuit, Cree and Dene are highlighted in a representative and powerful collection.  Cultural Impressions – Contemporary Art from Winnipeg to Nunavut

To Break and To Build

Jun 7 to Jul 26, 2013 Aceartinc, Winnipeg To Break and to Build is a non-traditional print based exhibition bringing together various bodies of work that coalesce around the idea of transformation. Through deconstructing and reconstructing familiar objects, materials, and symbols, the work is an attempt to reveal new truths, perspectives, or double meanings. It is about looking at the world around us to try and find new ways to configure elements to better reflect what we want to see, pointing out how that understanding is often based on an already constructed context and perspective.  To Break & To Build Suzie Smith

Unikkaatuat/Inuit Stories

May 4 to Aug 18, 2013 Winnipeg Art Gallery Unikkaatuat/Inuit Stories features prints, drawings, and sculptures from the WAG’s collection of Inuit art. Artists from different generations across the Arctic have transformed traditional oral storytelling to visual artworks through a variety of artistic media.  They reveal their own interpretations of the natural and spirit worlds, creation myths, stories of heroes and their epic journeys, fabulous beings, animal fables, as well as accounts of true events and life experiences. Unikkaatuat/Inuit Stories at the WAG