Julius Caesar at Shakespeare in the RuinsAll of St. Norbert's Trappist Monastery is a stage this June for Shakespeare in the Ruins production of Julius Caesar! Enjoy one of the Bard’s timeless plays with a Canadian twist in a majestic outdoor setting.

Set in Canada during the FLQ Crisis, this JULIUS CAESAR evokes the “just watch me” era of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. In response to the “Black October” Crisis of 1970, Trudeau (the Caesar of his day) invoked the War Measures Act in which our government suspended civil liberties and arrested over 400 individuals suspected of having ties to the radical organization. Set in Canada during this turbulent timeAb, SIR’s first ever production of JULIUS CAESAR will illuminate the truth that Shakespeare realized over 400 years ago – that we are all capable of transgressing our moral code and of committing acts we would otherwise view as abhorrent, in the name of “liberty”. June 6 to 29, 2013 Trappist Monastery, St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park For more information or to find tickets, visit Shakespeare in the Ruins.