Supper in the Field Enjoy a unique outdoor dining experience at Supper in the Field! If you are a foodie, you don’t want to miss the best cuisine Manitoba's parkland has to offer. The menu features locally inspired creations from top notch restaurants in the region. All of the great chefs have built their reputations on innovative and delicious dishes created from savoury ingredients that the region has become famous for: Manitoba maple syrup, sun-infused fruits, tasty fresh vegetables, wholesome grains, and sustainably raised meats. Together this crew of culinary heavy hitters will be teaming up with suppliers like Littlepath Farm and The Farm Cottage. Coffee, wine and beer are also available. Mmm, sounds scrumptious! “Canada has become a nation of foodies. This type of cuisine has been a big attraction drawing visitors into the Parkland to experience not only the delicious food, but to hear the stories of how that food came to be on their plates.” Kathy Swann, Director, Parkland Tourism Dinner ends just in time for you to finish off your night at The Harvest Sun Music Festival. August 17, 2013 Kelwood, Manitoba To purchase tickets or find out more about this delicious event, call 1-888-528-6484 or visit Parkland Tourism.