The Brink by Ellen Peterson at Prairie Theatre Exchange The Prairie Theatre Exchange kicks off their 40th anniversary this week with the world premiere of The Brink –  A quirky family drama about standing on the edge of something new. The play runs from October 11 to 28. The Brink, by Winnipeg's own Ellen Peterson, is set in the tumultuous late 1960s, and features a woman who went over the falls in a barrel in 1910, a deserter from the U.S. Army, the moon launch, a business facing bankruptcy, and a young woman (Pat, the protagonist) who can't bring herself to make any kind of leap at all.

“Ellen is covering a lot of interesting ground in this play. I love that among the personal dynamics and family history pushing and pulling the characters, there is an underlying notion that the world was changing forever. The industrial age in Canada was about to give way to the information age, the tidal wave of boomers was shifting society and things would never be the same again. For any of us.” Robert Metcalfe, Artistic Director

To purchase tickets or learn more, visit PTE. And check out the videos of Robert Metcalfe and the cast discussing this exciting new play.