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Travel Manitoba Tourism Indicators

Travel Manitoba compiles information from various sources to provide a detailed outlook for tourism in the province.

Current Tourism Indicators Overview 
Detailed Tourism Indicators

Value of Tourism

Tourism in Manitoba is a $1.52 billion industry, representing 2.8% of the province's GDP, and some 10.6 million visitors to Manitoba. (2012 figures)

2012 Value of Tourism
2011 Value of Tourism

Manitoba Regional Profiles

The regional profile reports illustrate the characteristics of tourists not only visiting the province, but also segmenting them into our eight tourism regions. As well, this series of reports will help to identify new and continuing trends within the province.

2012 Eastern Profile 
2012 Interlake Profile 
2012 Northern Profile 
2012 Parkland Profile 
2012 Pembina Valley Central Plains Profile 
2012 Western Profile

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