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Royal Manitoba Winter Fair

03/30/2015 – 04/04/2015

Once Upon A Time in Graceland

04/03/2015 – 05/30/2015
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Belugas, Bears & Blooms

Summer is the perfect time to visit Churchill - thousands of beluga whales

Big Five Safari

See the wild side of Manitoba with a whirlwind adventure that takes you from

Mother's & Cubs Safari

Your exclusive wildlife adventure with Canadian polar bears will take place on

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CMHR Esplanade Riel at night
See some of the great adventures and experiences Manitoba has to offer! View the Photo Gallery
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Historic Places

The history of this province lives and breathes. In the people, the land and the monuments of long ago. The invitation to explore this place has been out for thousands of years. It still stands like the walls that were built to protect its virtue and the ways of the past. You’re welcome to explore the places rooted in our province’s identity, preserved and alive. To trace your fingers along ancient carvings that still holds mystery. To uncover secret symbols and messages in the most unlikely places. Our province’s history, our entire legacy, is calling you.

Historic Places featured in the video:
Manitoba Legistive Building, Portage & Main, Downtown Winnipeg, CMHR (Canadian Museum for Human Rights), Lower Fort Garry, Oodena Circle, The Forks Waterfront, The Forks Market, Fort Garry Hotel, Union Station, Exchange District (Downtown Winnipeg)


Explore our History

Situated at a historic junction of two rivers, which has been a meeting place for over 6,000 years, the Museum connects its visitors with opportunities to explore the global development of human rights concepts and Canada’s important role within it. Explore the CMHR ›
Located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, visit a world-class museum that brings you 445 million years into the past and then rockets you into the future. Every visit takes you on an adventure to explore Manitoba’s past, present and future. Manitoba's history awaits ›
Where innovation and adventure meet! Several one-of-a-kind aircraft – retrieved across Canada from mountainsides to the bottom of lakes –have been restored and curated to showcase the story of Canada’s rich and unique aviation heritage. Learn More ›
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