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Integrity Foods “Baker for a Day”

Roll up your sleeves to play Artisanal Baker for a Day at Integrity Foods' six-acre farm just north of Riverton and your spirits will rise to the occasion.

In our fast-food world, it's a domestic art that seems akin to alchemy, but baking bread is easy as pie - easier in fact. And the satisfaction of mastering the form transcends the sensory pleasures of taste, touch and smell. The simple act of mixing, kneading and forming bread dough is a Zen experience - one you'll be able to recreate at home for years to come.

Organic farmers and bakers Dora and Cornelius Friesen provide a full day of friendly instruction, introducing guests to ancient grains, fresh-milled flour and their wood-fired outdoor brick oven Hildegard.

The day includes a lunch of foccacia and salad and, if you like, a visit with the Friesens' menagerie of goats, sheep, chickens, geese, rabbits, peacocks and a dog.  

The couple also offer a half-day baking class and chances are you'll plan a return visit to stock up on muffins, sticky buns or hemp-spelt bagels. Friday and Saturday evenings are devoted to Pizza Night on the Farm, a social occasion that often includes musical entertainment. Hildegard is fired up to produce a traditional pizza menu that features a garden special - guests take a basket into the garden and pick their own toppings. 

The farm is just off Hwy. 8, about 30 minutes north of Gimli and 16 kilometres from Riverton. 

Tel. 204-378-2887, toll-free 1-855-378-2887; Web: http://www.integrityfoods.ca/ Email: info@integrityfoods.ca

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