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Mother's & Cubs Safari

Your exclusive wildlife adventure with Canadian polar bears will take place on

Mother's & Cubs Safari

Your exclusive wildlife adventure with Canadian polar bears will take place on

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Spruce Woods Provincial Park

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Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Spruce Woods Provincial Park The park contains the desert-like area known as the Spirit Sands, a 4 sq km

Listen to the whispering wind as it wafts over the shifting dunes of Spirit Sands and you'll feel like a nomad in this desert 30 metres above the Prairie. A unique four-square-kilometre expanse that's home to the small, harmless hognose snake and the pincushion cactus, the desert is said to be close to Kiche Manitou - the great spirit - in Aboriginal lore.

Follow a self-guided trail to the oasis known as the Devil's Punch Bowl, where water works its way to the surface from underground streams. Or enjoy more sand on the beach at Kiche Manitou Lake. 

Located just 30 kilometres south of the Trans-Canada Highway east of Brandon, the desert gives way to forest, grassy fields, lakes, creeks and the Assiniboine River, where you can paddle a canoe to get from one campground to another.

Bike along roadways, hike on scenic paths and ride on horseback. You hang your saddle up at the equestrian campground or stay in one of 13 yurts. 

Along with a gift shop, concession and store, the park has laundry facilities and an outdoor games area. The visitor service centre offers campfire talks, guided hikes and interpretive displays and programs. In winter, the park is open for tobogganing, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

Web: http://www.manitobaparks.com/

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