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Mother's & Cubs Safari

Your exclusive wildlife adventure with Canadian polar bears will take place on

Mother's & Cubs Safari

Your exclusive wildlife adventure with Canadian polar bears will take place on

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EXCURSION DETAILS Be a palaeontologist for a day! Begin with a tour of the

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Nopiming Provincial Park

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Nopiming Provincial Park

Nopiming Provincial Park Named from an Anishinabe word meaning "entrance to the wilderness." The park

Wake up to the scent of spruce and jack pine and the sound of water spilling over rocks at Tulabi Falls Campground on Bird Lake and know you are truly in Nopiming - an Anishinabe word that means entrance to the wilderness.

Nopiming Lodge is nearby, with a restaurant and gas bar, and it's the starting point for an adventure in a natural paradise dotted with more than 100 lakes.

This is Canadian Shield country, where massive moose amble through thick forests and black bears and woodland caribou roam. The fishing is good and pickerel, pike, trout and tulabi are plentiful.

Follow in the wake of voyageurs and Aboriginal peoples who paddled these waters, passing by ancient granite outcroppings and cliffs dotted with orange and black lichens and tenacious wildflowers. 

Camp where prospectors once combed the land, hoping for that lucky strike, and hike into the woods to track down an abandoned trapper's cabin.

Settle at Beresford Lake for secluded fishing or canoe to a designated campsite in the back country. Either way, this is an authentic camping experience with all the comforts you really need - a picnic table, drinking water, an outdoor privy and a fire pit. You'll find firewood for purchase and boat launches are available on several lakes. 

Web: http://www.manitobaparks.com/

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