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Check in for a one night stay at the historic Fort Garry Hotel for some well

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Call the Tundra Inn home while you explore all that Churchill has to offer -

Northern Lights Adventure

Enjoy a whimsical Northern Lights adventure in Churchill with the Tundra Inn.

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Atikaki Provincial Park

Your rugged wilderness experience at Atikaki can start with a canoe trip on the challenging Bloodvein River or with a short flight from Winnipeg to a remote fishing lodge. 

A vast, undisturbed paradise where woodland caribou move like spirits among the jack pines and Aboriginal rock paintings bear witness to ancient life, this 4,000-square-kilometre park is a diverse landscape of granite cliffs, rocky outcroppings, boreal forest, bogs and waterways.

Camping is in the rough, with sites marked only by fire rings and a "leave no trace" philosophy. The back country is not for the faint of heart, or for inexperienced adventurers.

But full-service fly-in lodges provide comfortable accommodations and guided trips that will give you a taste of Aboriginal and voyageur fur-trading life - not to mention a trophy-fishing experience like no other. With daylight lasting until after 10 p.m. in June, your fishing days will seem as endless as the forest. 

Web: http://www.manitobaparks.com/ 

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