Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site of Canada


Enter through Lower Fort Garry’s massive gates, where colourful characters from the past welcome you as they sweep you into their world. This is the site where the first of the numbered treaties was made between the Crown and the area’s First Nations, creating a gateway to settlement in the west. It’s also home to Western Canada’s first prison, first asylum for the mentally ill and first training facility for the storied North-West Mounted Police. Explore beautifully restored stone heritage buildings at this intact Hudson's Bay Company fur trade centre on the banks of the Red River. Hear the blacksmith's hammer, see and touch in the fur loft and or barter a trade in the sales shop. Step inside the past at The Big House where servant and sophisticate both share their worlds. Beavers to Buicks—a place of FURsts Experience the history of Canada’s firsts. This interactive, hands-on tour will take you through the stories that make the fort come alive. Through artifacts and lore, your guide will give you a link to the past as you become part of a human timeline. Tea for two or three... You’re invited to the Big House where a pint-sized tea party is underway! Little ones take a seat at tiny tables where tiny tea sets and tiny costumes await. Have an imaginary tea party and learn how they did it in the 1850s. Hi Ho, It's Off to the Fort We Go: Children's Day It's time to roll up your sleeves and lend a hand to make sure the fort runs like clockwork. Fulfil tasks like picking carrots from the vegetable garden, building a tipi, rustling up some grub for dinner and beating bison hides as you learn about the past and maybe even pick up a new skill. 15 min north of Winnipeg on PTH9

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