Travel Manitoba Articles Recent Articles - Stories & Ideas: Architecture & Design Fri, 04 Sep 2015 16:34:57 GMT Winnipeg’s New York City Groove From grand edifaces to cobblestone streets and expansive city parks, Winnipeg delivers its own New York City charms without the hustle and bustle Mon, 02 Jul 2012 07:00:00 GMT Winnipeg’s Design and Decor Mecca Pick up a contemporary sofa, a circa 1960s teak hutch from Norway or an arborite kitchen table—Winnipeg’s Exchange District is now home to some of the city’s top home-decor boutiques and design... Tue, 22 May 2012 07:00:00 GMT Icons of Manitoba’s Multi-Cultural Faith Cathedral ceilings are a soaring attraction in Manitoba. Gleaming domes and imposing façades dot our urban and rural scapes. Thu, 29 Mar 2012 07:00:00 GMT Prairie Design On the World’s Runway Mark Fast is a Winnipeg fashion success story, but he is only one of a new wave of Manitoba designers who are winning international praise and a host of celeb clients. And for whom, Winnipeg.. Mon, 26 Mar 2012 07:00:00 GMT Build It and They Will Come Architectural importance is one of Winnipeg’s legacies. Maybe not as well known as perogies or The Guess Who, but in the city’s 139 year history, there’s been three waves of great architecture. Fri, 23 Mar 2012 07:00:00 GMT Winnipeg’s Da Vinci Code Cracked Anyone who has seen the Manitoba Legislative building, the H-shaped tyndall stone structure with the iconic Golden Boy atop, will almost certainly agree that it’s impressive. But who knew that it... Wed, 18 Jan 2012 07:00:00 GMT Paris of the Prairies: My Winnipeg Art Exhibit Woos the City of Love Winnipeg’s famously vibrant art scene has been crated up and transported to Paris, France for the opening of a new exhibition called “My Winnipeg.” Mon, 27 Jun 2011 07:00:00 GMT