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Yurt Alert! Camping the Mongolian Way Takes Over

Published: 07/30/2010

Camping in a tent is too much like work and staying in a cabin somehow isn't quite the wilderness experience you were hoping for. What's the solution? There's a happy medium and it's called a yurt.

I know. You love saying it. Yurt. Yurt. And it's just as much fun spending the night in one. A wooden frame keeps the circular structure in place. Heavy canvas panels act as walls. Perhaps the coolest feature is the skylight that flips open for fresh air, bright sunshine or shimmering starry skies.

Inside there are bunks and futons fashioned from logs, a little electric heater, lights and a door that locks (just in case you're afraid of wildlife with nimble fingers). Get your cooking done on the deck and gather around the picnic table for a family meal.

Yurts are a big hit with folks who don't want to schlep all the gear that tenting requires. Now there are over 50 yurts for rent during the summer season at seven campgrounds.

Insider Tip: Many of the yurts are near the water's edge but Camp Morton takes the prize for location. Imagine opening the door to your yurt and seeing that glorious Manitoba sunrise over majestic Lake Winnipeg. And all for less than $50 a night.

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