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Turn on the lights at the Manitoba Electric Museum

Published: 04/07/2014

Turn on the Lights at the Manitoba Electric Museum

It’s not every day you are greeted by a bright yellow turbine runner almost 16-feet in diameter. At the Manitoba Electric Museum and Education Centre, this 28,000 horsepower monster guides you to the start of a journey that takes you back to the late 1800’s and the origin of hydroelectric development in Manitoba.

Walk through the evolution of electricity in Manitoba - step inside a streetcar, peruse the appliances in a 1940’s kitchen, see when electricity made its debut in your neighbourhood, have a “hair-raising” experience and envision where the future of hydroelectricity is headed.

In May, Discover Wonder Juice is a fun annual event that celebrates water power (AKA “Wonder Juice”) and explores its development from the past right through to the present.

Spend an afternoon here and be illuminated by the power of electricity.

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