Dine like Vikings at Islendingadagurinn

Welcome to Gimli-the lakeshore resort that's the heart of New Iceland and home to a fantastic August long weekend festival! Get in line early Sunday and Monday at Amma's Kitchen. Load up on ready-to-eat treats including-for the grown-ups-rúllupylsa, cured lamb served on heavy Icelandic brown bread, and vinetarta, a multilayered prune torte laced with cardamom. Kids can't get enough ofponnukokur, a crêpe filled with brown sugar and rolled into a snack-sized tube. In Gimli, pickerel is king so grab a seat at any of the local restaurants and pull up a plate of pan-fried, fresh buttery lake fish.

Come for the Music, Stay for the Food at the Winnipeg Folk Festival

Start with the Whales Tails, a sugar and cinnamon concoction that wafts to your spot in line. This pastry treat is as big and flat as a Frisbee. It comes out of the fryer and gets slathered with butter then topped with whatever your heart desires. In the mood for spanikopita or souvlaki? They have that. How about pad thai or green vegetable curry? Not a problem. And if you're committed to eating healthy breakfast, start with hemp seed muesli with yogurt or spelt banana bread French toast. From there, take your pick from a roast bison wrap, tofurkey dog (seriously!) or a cool, crisp salad topped with fresh veggies. Two final words: kettle corn.

Pull up a Plate at the Perogy Party at Canada's National Ukrainian Festival

Can you smell the cinnamon buns? That's coming from the top of the hill where a traditional clay oven has attracted a crowd. And it's just for kids! Youngsters are encouraged to get into the bun-making business and pop the rolls into the old-style oven. Other clay ovens pop out round loaves, fresh and hot. Try ruby-red borscht, crowd-pleasing chicken noodle or tangy cabbage soups. Time to move on to that Ukrainian staple, the perogy. Here they come stuffed with potato and cheese, sauerkraut or Saskatoon berries. Add some rice-stuffed cabbage rolls, a couple of meatballs and you have the beginnings of an authentic Ukrainian meal. Need a little exercise? Head over to the pastry demonstration area where you can try your hand at rolling out krysticki, a deep-fried treat dusted with icing sugar.

Eat in 42 Regions in Two Weeks at Folklorama

Have your pick from 42 regions, complete with entertainment, artifacts and, of course, food, during this city festival. Visit the Tamil Pavilion for an Indian dinner with curried chicken, roasted eggplant, rice and chickpeas. Hop over to the Cuba Viva Pavilion for seasoned rice and beans on the plate along with stewed beef loaded with peppers and onions. Fans of stuffed green peppers should make their way to the Serbian Pavilion. Sample fried plantains at the African Pavilion, polenta at the Italian Pavilion and almond-rich pastries from the Dutch Pavilion. Visit three pavilions a night. Appetizer at #1, dinner entrée at #2 and dessert at your final stop.